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If you don’t want to read through the super lengthy post on the water testing that was done and just want to skip to “what filter should I buy?” – this is the right spot!

There is a lot of data and knowing that these are moving targets makes it hard. We had more tests from Friends of Water (FOW) than the singular test from  Pure Effect (PE) where the water wasn’t all that bad.

The PE under kitchen filter did a fantastic job of removing fluoride and if that is your main concern then this is your system.

The FOW whole house and under kitchen sink does a good job when combined with each other. It is a more expensive system than the PE under kitchen sink. PE also offers a whole house system that you could combine with an under kitchen sink.

I like that FOW offers a filter that doesn’t use animal bones. I personally have a hard time with that one. That being said, removing contaminates is my number one priority.

The two systems are a bit different. My FOW under the kitchen sink hooks in to my faucet. So all cold water coming out is filtered. PE has a separate water spicket at your sink. PE has stated this slows the water flow and allows better removal rate of contaminants since it is going through the filter slower. You also won’t have to change filters as frequently as you are only using it for driving and cooking purposes (not washing hands or dishes).

If I didn’t have any filters and only wanted an under the kitchen sink I would go with PE. I see a huge value in whole house filters plus under kitchen sink filters. It’s removing contaminants, including chlorine, from your showers, baths, water for brushing teeth, etc. I think either FOW or PE would be a good choice for a whole house system. Remember with a whole house you will need to have an under kitchen sink to get the fluoride removal that is needed.  However, since PE does a better job at removing fluoride, if I was starting over I would buy a PE whole house and under kitchen sink filter.  Bottom line:  PE would be my choice for a new install.  At this point, I’m not going to change over my whole house but most likely will buy PE replacement filters for my under kitchen sink.  I’m doing one more round of testing on my water to see how long my filters are lasting.

The most popular PE system is the Ultra-UC.  PE has a Disinfect system that intriguing to me especially after getting a positive bacteria result.

It’s also a good idea to test your own water to make sure your system is working for you and your water.

The two filters mentioned above with the links to their site are:

Pure Effect


Friends of Water has offered this group 5% off – mention Natural Baby Mama to receive the discount.

Give them a call and talk to them and decide what will work best for you and your home. Everyone’s water and situation is different. I feel that both have provided me excellent information. Igor from PE is literally available all the time with any questions I have had and I love that!


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