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One of the questions I get asked the most is what I use in my kitchen.  This post will focus on which dishes I use.  It is so important to make sure your kitchenware is free of toxins since we are ingesting food from cooking, drinking out of glasses, eating off of plates and silverware.  My main priority is no toxins which includes no lead, no non-stick, no plastic, no aluminum or any heavy metals of any sorts, no PVC, no phthalates, etc.  I’ve tested quite a few things for lead in my kitchen.  If you haven’t seen my stuff I’ve tested for lead post please do so here!  I also always email companies to find out more information besides the testing that has been done.  I do this so I know, and you can know, these items are free of toxins.  Also, as a side note, after learning more about lead I am no longer comfortable with anything vintage from any company.  If your grandma passed down her plates (or anything) to you, I wouldn’t be comfortable using them unless they have been tested with an XRF to be lead free.

Here is what I use listed by category – all are new items to me so this does not apply to anything vintage made by the companies listed below.  What I have listed below are the exact items I use in my home and have tested to be lead free:


Dishes:  Anchor Hocking is made in the USA



Anchor Hocking Presence 13 inch dinner plate

Anchor Hocking Presence 8 inch salad plate


Anchor Hocking Presence bowl  – we tend to break or chip these bowls often.  I keep an extra 6 on hand for easy replacement.  They are inexpensive enough that I don’t mind replacing.



Cups & Mugs:


Cups:  Ball Masons jars of all sizes! All made in the USA.


When my kids are little I start them with the jelly sized 4 ounce Ball mason jars.  They are durable and have been thrown and dropped from the highchair numerous times.  I love the idea of teaching young kids to drink from a regular cup.  My kids started using these around 1 years old.


Then they slowly move up to the pint size Ball Mason jars.  I use these most from ages 2-4 approximately.


By the time they are 3-4 they are drinking out of the size we mostly drink out of – the pint and half.

I drink my water out of the large 32 ounce Ball Mason Jars 🙂



Mugs:  Anchor Hocking Cafe Mug made in the USA


Anchor Hocking Cafe Mug



Coming soon, pots & pans!


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