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Garden hoses can be toxic landmines. Many are not drinking water safe yet our children play with, and in, the water from hoses.  We also water our gardens. When I started looking for a safe, non-toxic, hose I was overwhelmed. I knew I wanted a drinking water safe hose but there were also other concerns. Toxins that are found in garden hoses include:

  • Lead
  • Heavy Metals
  • BPA
  • BPS
  • PVC
  • Phthalates

All of this equals a toxic mess that your kids are playing in or you are watering your plants and vegetables in.  There are several hoses out there that state that they are lead free but then are made from PVC and contain phthalates.

Water Right Hoses are the only hoses that I know of that are made from a high grade polyurethane, made in the USA and free from all the contaminants I listed above.  They have both a lead free brass (yes, most brass contains lead) and stainless steel.  I opted for stainless steel in the 500 series.

When I was doing some of my lead testing I tested my Water Right hose with a Niton XRF and it was free of lead and other heavy metals. You can buy Water Right hoses from Amazon here or directly through their website.

You might think it’s not that big of deal to not use a toxin free hose.  My kids not only play in the water but often they end up doing something like this:

Since I have made the effort to make sure our garden is organic, I also want to make sure the water I’m using doesn’t contain toxins. There are two ways I do this. First, I have a Water Right hose.  Second, I have a whole house water filter which you can read more about below (including a discount code).

It is a bit more of an investment than other hoses but one that is worth it in the long run! We have had our Water Right hoses for quite some time and we have had zero issues with them.

As I mentioned above, we also have a whole house water filteration system so even the water we use though our hose is filtered of contaminates. Pure Effect offers both whole house and kitchen sink water filters. Having filtered water is one of the most important, non toxic things you can do. Pure Effect offers my readers $10 off with the code NBM10.

Advanced Water Filters

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