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I focus so much on finding non-toxic gifts for my children but I’ve found my family can get overwhelmed thinking of something non-toxic for me. I figured I must not be the only one! This is a list of non-toxic items that would make great gift ideas (and I would be happy to receive).  I love giving non-toxic gifts as well – remember we vote with our dollars.  To see positive change in this world we have to support companies that are doing amazing things.  All of these companies are doing just that.

This list is a mix of big items, small items and my favorite easy DIY gift to give.

What is my criteria for non-toxic gifts?

I look for products that are made of natural materials, are organic, GOTS or Oeko-Tek certified, and free of heavy metals. For those not familiar with GOTS or Oeko-Tek:

  • GOTS: the highest standard in organic fibers. The product is free from any toxic dyes, toxic finishes, formaldehyde, flame retardants or heavy metals.
  • Oeko-Tek: allows both conventional and organic cotton (I only look at organic Oeko-Tek). Free from hundreds of toxic chemicals.   Oeko-Tek products can contain certain flame retardants and low levels of formaldehyde so always verify your products before buying.
  • GOLS – is the organic certification on latex found in bedding and furniture.

I also have my non-toxic shop that re-directs to Amazon. These are all products I have personally tested to be free from heavy metals like lead and/or I have researched to be free of toxins. After viewing this gift giving guide, pop over there for hundreds of more ideas! You can find my non-toxic shop here (you can sort by area of interest).

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links at times. It doesn’t cost you any more but does help support my time running my blog and this page. Other affiliate links might get you a discount which is a win, win! I appreciate you supporting my links as a way to help me offset my time by bringing information to you. I will never be swayed financially, and I will only post products and companies that I would, and do, personally use for my family.

Things to wear:

Indigenous Organic Clothing

Indigenous Organic Clothing: I am in love with Indigenous. Finally there is an organic clothing company for adults that is stylish. They have organic cotton, other natural fibers, and the dyes are non-toxic. They also offer a pure collection that is undyed natural fibers.

PACT Apparel Organic Clothing

PACT: This is a great place to get some staples – underwear, tanks, sweatshirts, etc. Not everything is 100% organic so you have to read the descriptions. They sell some items that are a polyester blend. Anything that is over 95% organic cotton is GOTS certified. I like to get my basics from here.

Tuckerman & Co

Tuckerman & Co: These dress shirts are made of 100% organic cotton and are Oeko-Tek certified. The fabric is sourced from Europe and made in Massachusetts. Tuckerman makes both a men’s dress shirt as well as woman’s dress shirts. My husband has worn Tuckerman shirts for the last year and really likes them.

Cydwoq & Cliff Dweller Shoes

Cydwoq and Cliff Dweller: These unique shoes are beautifully made, high quality, and comfortable. All shoes use vegetable tanned leather from Europe and are handmade in Burbank, CA. Since these are vegetable tanned they are free of toxins normally found in leather like chromium, heavy metals and formaldehyde.

Allbirds Shoes

Allbirds: these wool shoes are comfortable and non-toxic.  The wool is not chemically treated, the shoes are free of formaldehyde and they are AZO dye free.  All their shoes are dyed even the ones labeled natural.  Available for both men and women (they also just came out with a children’s line). I love my Allbirds!   

Grodo organic socks

Grodo organic socks: Who doesn’t love socks as a gift!? Grodo is the only brand I’ve found with the highest amount of organic cotton (98%) and GOTS certified. I am slowly converting all my socks over to Grodo. Grodo socks are made in Germany.

Home Goods:

Organic Sheets

Organic bedding is an amazing gift. We spend so much of our time sleeping, making sure it is non-toxic is so important. Organic cotton, GOTS certified, sheets are the best you can buy. The best places to buy organic sheets are: SOL Organics which offers really affordable pricing for quality organic, GOTS certified sheets. Coyuchi if you sign up for their newsletter you get $30 off. Target also sells some organic GOTS certified sheets in their Threshold line. I can not stress enough to read the descriptions both online and when you see the product in person since Target carries both organic and conventional sheets. I personally use organic, GOTS certified, sheets in our home. If you would like to read more about why buying organic cotton is better than conventional cotton click here.

Organic Pillows

Organic pillows are a must have for your bed. I personally own organic wool pillows and an organic natural rubber GOLS certified latex pillow from Soaring Heart. Soaring Heart offers my readers 5% off by mentioning Natural Baby Mama. Soaring Heart is an amazing natural bed company, and I highly recommend their mattresses too! They use all 100% certified organic materials right down to the thread. Everything is made in their GOTS certified building in Seattle, WA.

Needak Rebounder

Needak rebounders are made in the USA and both PVC and lead free. This is a great way to get in some exercise without leaving your house – perfect for when kids are sleeping! They have a folding option for compact storage. I recommend buying directly from here as there are knock offs on the market.

Stainless Steel Dehydrator

TSM Stainless Dehydrator is a 100% stainless steel dehydrator (interior, exterior, trays and door). This is great to make snacks and treats. We have had this for years and it works great.

Air Purifier

Clean indoor air is one of the most important things you can have. You and your family spend a majority of your time in your home, why not make it as healthy as can be? Austin Air and IQ Air are two of the top rated air purifiers. I can offer discounts to my readers on both machines. Email me at to get discounted pricing. Delivery is quick as well.

Water Filter

Pure Effect Water Filter: Similar to air filters, a water filter is another great gift. I’ve personally tested the Pure Effect filters and it removed all contaminates from my water including fluoride and other toxic chemicals. Pure Effect has a whole house system, a system that can mount under your kitchen sink, and an above counter filter if you need something more portable. I personally own a whole house water system as well as the Pure Effect Ultra UC at our kitchen sink.

Big Dipper Wax Works

Big Dipper Wax Works: These 100% beeswax candles are made in Seattle, WA. Beeswax candles are free of all toxins typically found in candles and naturally clean the air. Big Dipper Wax Works uses lead free cotton wicks. They have sculpted candles, tapers, tea lights as well as birthday numbers. We always have a Big Dipper beeswax candle on our dining room table. There is a small selection available on Amazon which you can find here.

Wooden Kitchen Spoons

Quality wooden kitchen spoons are a wonderful gift and something you are not as likely to go out and buy for yourself. I always stick with maple or cherry for my wooden kitchen items. Some woods may not be safe for kitchen items. It’s always a good idea to ask what your products are finished with before buying. I like my wooden spoons to be finished with an organic oil (like walnut or coconut) or and organic oil and beeswax blend. There is always the option of getting something unfinished and finishing it yourself. The two places I love for high quality, made in the USA wooden spoons are: CarvedWoodenSpoons on Etsy which is pictured above and Jonathan’s Spoons (which does not use an organic oil). Urthware makes wooden spoons (and cutting boards) in Canada and uses organic oils.

Urthware Wood Cutting Board

Urthware makes high quality, solid wood cutting boards from maple grown in Canada. They use organic oils and beeswax to finish and offer an organic vegan option (no beeswax). You can get unfinished if you want as well. The feet on the cutting board are made of natural rubber. The end grain Heritage cutting board uses a non-toxic FDA approved glue. The other cutting boards do not use any glue. They also offer spoons and spatulas. All made in Canada.


EcoJarz offers a wide range of stainless steel products for mason jars. We use the smoothie tops, stainless mason jar lids and rings, and stainless straws. I really like the stainless mason jar lids and rings because they do not rust, I don’t have to worry about what is the in BPA free lid, and they look nice as an added bonus! You can find EcoJarz on Amazon here.

Beauty and Health:

Homemade Betty Organic, Vegan Skin Care

Homemade Betty is an organic, vegan skincare line. I use two of her lotions daily and a body scrub on a regular basis. This is a very clean line with zero toxins or questionable ingredients. My kids love getting to use the organic baby body butter nightly. Homemade Betty offers my readers 15% off by using the code GREENMOMS. You can also read my review of Homemade Betty and the products I have tried here

Kooshoo Organic Hair Ties

Kooshoo organic hair ties are made with organic cotton and natural rubber. They are slightly bigger and thicker than my synthetic hair ties. They hold my hair much better than any other hair tie I have had. I am so happy I found these recently and are one of my favorite new items that I have!

Moon Valley Organics

Moon Valley Organics has organic lotions, chapsticks, cleansing body bars and soaps. I have not been disappointed with anything of theirs. All is made locally in Washington state and is certified organic. You can receive 20% off your first order using this link. Some Moon Valley products are also sold on Amazon which you can find here

Solid Wood Hair Brush (plastic free)

Solid Wood Hair Brush: This solid wood, plastic free, hair brush is made in Germany. It has maple wood bristles and the body is made of beechwood and finished with a beeswax finish.

Memberships and Experiences:

Cooper Mountain Organic Wine

Cooper Mountain Organic Wine is one of my favorite organic and biodynamic wines. I think a nice bottle of wine is always a great gift. Cooper Mountain also offers a wine club which is a fun gift that keeps on giving all year long. Cooper Mountain is located in Oregon.

Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wine is a unique wine club where Dry Farm Wines sources wine from small, organic farms. They lab test each batch of organic wine to ensure purity. Dry Wines are sugar free, low sulphate and monitored to keep the alcohol content less than 12.5%. They are Paleo, low-carb and Ketogenic. By using this link you can also add a bottle to your order for a penny!

Taproot Magazine

Taproot Magazine is a beautiful ad free magazine that covers a wide range of topics like food, farming, family and crafts.

Organic Spa

I love time away at the spa. I try to find organic, or naturally minded, spas if possible. Massage oils (and many products at spas) are loaded with toxins including parabens which are linked to a host of issues including cancer. I always bring my own organic coconut oil in a small jar when getting a massage. It’s an easy step to take to avoid toxins.

DIY gift:

Organic Vanilla Coconut Sugar Scrub

This simple, easy DIY recipe to make a vanilla coconut sugar scrub can be found by clicking here. This is one of my favorite gifts to make and give to people. I generally make 8-10 jars of this scrub around the holidays. My kids also love using in the shower and I love that it is 3 ingredients and all organic (unlike many store bought bath goods).

The Natural Baby Mama Non-Toxic Shop

Don’t forget to check out my non-toxic shop that re-directs to Amazon!

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