Glyphosate in organic chickpeas and lentils?

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Tony Mitra has published posts showing that glyphosate aka Roundup has been found in organic chickpeas and organic lentils in North America.  From a study done in Canada, and research of his own, he has come to the conclusion that there is no safe organic chickpea or lentils grown in North America.  He no longer eats either.  You can take a look at his site and read more about it if you would like more details.

I love hummus and lentil soup too much to fully give up both.  I also don’t want to be eating glyphosate in my organic foods.  So, my readers & I decided to crowd source to test organic, grown in the USA chickpeas and lentils for glyphosate.  Each test was $260.  Here are the results:

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Test Results:

Test 1:

Eden Organic dried chickpeas (garbanzo beans). Grown in the USA. According to Eden Organics they have tested their chickpeas for glyphosate and it was non-detect (ND) but it isn’t something they continue to test regularly.


Eden Organic Test Result: Non-Dectect (ND) for Glyphosate.  Detection limit at 0.10ppm

Where can you buy?:  It seems as though this is an online purchase only but one that I think is highly worth it!  You can buy several places including Amazon or iHerb (first time order use discount code DDK6449 for 5% off).

Test 2:

Tolerant Green Lentil Pasta is a great alternative to traditional pasta.  Many people wanted to know if there was any glyphosate in the organic lentil pasta they were serving their family.  I do not know where the lentils are grown besides that they are not grown in China.

Tolerant Green Lentil Pasta Test Result: Non-Dectect (ND) for Glyphosate.  Detection limit at 0.10ppm

Where can you buy?:  You can buy in many grocery stores, natural food stores as well as online.  Some online options are AmazonThrive Market or iHerb (first time order use discount code DDK6449 for 5% off).

Test 3:

Arrowhead Mills red lentils grown in the USA.  I confirmed with Arrowhead that their lentils are grown in the USA but they do not specify where in the USA since they have many places where their lentils are grown.


Arrowhead Mills Red Lentils: .18 ppm of Glyphosate.  Sadly Glyphosate did show up in the Arrowhead Mills red lentils.  


In Summary:

Concerns around glyphosate in organic red lentils and garbanzo beans seems to be a valid concern; however, my testing showed that finding organic without glyphosate is possible!  I personally think avoiding all together isn’t the right approach.  I will continue to feed my family lentils and beans from Eden Organics.  I will also continue to use the Tolerant Pasta.  Looking for red lentils outside of the USA might be an option to explore as well.  Unfortunately, Eden Organics does not sell red lentils but they do sell green lentils which can be found on Amazon and iHerb (first time order use discount code DDK6449 for 5% off).


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