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I’m pretty hard core about eating organic food.   I eat 100% organic (well maybe 99%).   Sometimes I buy deli food from my local co-op and it isn’t always 100% organic – but usually at least 95%.

I’ve looked for ways to decrease our shopping bill because when you buy quality, organic food it can get expensive!  We have a fantastic local co-op where I live and I pretty much exclusively shop there.  Super occasionally we go to Costco and buy the few organic items they have there.  Of course, I love our local farmer’s markets and go there as much as possible as well. We are also members of an organic, biodynamic CSA for 20 weeks out of the year. Look in your area to support your local organic farmers!

In addition to organic, I also really care about where my food comes from.  My priority is both local and organic.  I pretty much refuse to buy organic if it is from China or Mexico.  I worry about if controls are actually happening there (is it really being grown organically) as well as the quality of the soil (lead and other heavy metals).  So I’m pretty picky 😉

When I’m not buying locally, these are the places online that I like buying from:

Thrive Market:

The first is Thrive Market.  I decided to finally try Thrive about a year ago.  I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know how much I would save.  When I started my trial membership, I saved quite a bit of money.  After the trial ends, there is an annual membership of $60/ year.  I decided to pay for the annual membership and see if I saved at least $60.  Within 6 months I had saved at least triple that amount.  I’m able to find products significantly cheaper than I can in my local grocery store.  With two young kids I’m also a big fan of having food delivered to my door step.  Thrive has become my go-to favorite place to stock up on foods that I love!  It’s like Costco for organic foods.  You pay a membership fee and get organic foods for less.  If you spend more than $49, then shipping is free.   It’s easy to stock up and get to $49.

Azure Standard:

The second store I love is Azure Standard.  Azure Standard is a bit unique.  You can have items shipped and you pay shipping OR you can find a drop point near you.  A drop point is usually at someone’s house who has asked Azure to be a site coordinator.  A semi-truck delivers food to the site coordinator’s house.  You go to the coordinators house, find the boxes with your name on them and pick them up.  They have set delivery days so when you place your order you will know which day you will need to pick up.  Again, similar with Thrive, Azure has cut out the middle man and passes savings on to you.   Azure has a lot of bulk organic foods as well a fresh fruits and vegetables at a great deal.


Brandless started in 2017.  Everything they sell is $3.  Every single thing.  They have a decent organic selection.  You have no idea what the brand is as everything is private labeled with the Brandless name.  It’s worth trying given the price!

Imperfect Produce::

Imperfect Produce offers both conventional and organic produce that is “ugly”. This produce would be typically not sold in stores because of the way it looks. They are selling the produce for 30-50% less than you would typically find in stores. When you join you can request an all organic fruits and vegetables box.  If they have the supply they will fill your box. I would ask what happens if they don’t have all organic before you place your order.

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