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An organic Christmas tree!?  Really?  Yes!  Most trees are sprayed with toxic chemicals.  If you didn’t read my other post on why we buy an organic Christmas tree (and lead free Christmas lights) click here.  The main driver is I didn’t want to bring a tree into our house that had been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides including Roundup (which is often used).  Our entire family touches the tree, we put our children’s non-toxic presents under the tree, and particles from the tree falls on our floors.  These are all reasons I don’t want to bring a Christmas tree sprayed with chemicals into our home.   This is the list I have started so far by state.  If you know of a Christmas tree farm that doesn’t use chemicals please let me know so I can add it to my list.

It’s so important to always verify information so please double check with these farms before you go.


  • Schnepf Farms – organic trees from Oregon brought to Arizona




  • Miles’ Christmas Tree Farm (phone: 859-824-3727) – follows organic methods



  • Feezers Farms – website states organic (also states small amount of fertilizer used on roots when first planted then that is it)


New York:

North Carolina:


  • Spring Hills Farm – U-Cut no chemicals per website.  Pre-cut does not say no chemicals.


This is my home state so the list is much larger due to the amount of time I spent researching for our family.  I go into more detail about each farm in my Organic Christmas Trees in Washington State post which you can find here.



  • Silver Tip Tree Farm – grown organically and working on becoming certified organic.  Order online and have them ship it to you.  They sell out quick so you want to pre-order.
  • Christmas Trees Now – order online and they ship.  According to my email with them no spraying, herbicides, pesticides or colorants are used on their trees.

National Forest:

  • Another option for the adventurous is always getting a permit from the national forest service and getting your tree that way.  It’s an inexpensive to get a Christmas tree but hike in and out to get your tree.

Live Tree:

A live potted tree you can re-use yearly until it is too big to bring into your home.

Wood Trees:

Etsy sells numerous wood trees.  You could spend hours looking for options.  Here are a few options.  A birch Christmas tree, a pine Christmas Tree, and a minimalist Christmas tree.

Please let your friends know about organic Christmas tree farms near them. We need to support these farmers that are doing the right thing! If you know of a tree farm that is no spray please let me know so I can add them to this list.

Merry Christmas!!

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