My quest to find a sippy cup (and water bottles with straws) that weren’t made of plastic

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I’m trying to not buy anything plastic for my son.  When I went to store to look for sippy cups, or water bottles with straws, all I found were plastic ones.  They were BPA free (and all of that stuff) but I really didn’t want to buy plastic.  Some of it comes from me not liking to eat or drink out of plastic so why should I have my kids use plastic.  The other is there are reports out there that even though the plastic is BPA free is still leaches harmful chemicals, and now they are saying the BPA free plastic is just as toxic.  Just replacing one toxin for another!  I decided to error on the side of caution and started looking for glass or stainless sippy cups.  I was pleasantly surprised that there were several options.   These are the two that I went with:


Lifefactory bottle with sippy cup lid.  This is a glass bottle with a silicone sleeve around the bottle and a plastic #5 sippy lid.  I wish the sippy lid wasn’t plastic but it is.  It is supposedly one of the safest plastics even thought I think plastic in general isn’t safe for kids.  We ended up using the sippy lid part very infrequently.  I do love this bottle since it is multipurpose.  You can use the bottle and switch the lid to a sippy lid when you are ready for them to start water.  When you move past the sippy lid phase you can just add a regular lid to use as a water bottle.  As an added bonus I love all the fun colors that the sleeves come in!  I bought this bottle and this sippy cup lid.  The bottle and parts are made in the USA and Europe.




Pura Kiki with silicone sippy lid.  This is a 18/8 stainless steel (food grade quality) bottle with a silicone sippy lid.  This is the ONLY sippy cup on the market that doesn’t have a plastic lid.  This is also multipurpose since it can be used as a bottle and as a sippy cup.  I would think that this would be more durable if your kiddo dropped it from their high chair.  I bought this bottle and this sippy spout (we have the clear sippy spout not the blue one pictured).  Pure Kiki claims to not leak ever.  Well my leaks all the time!  It doesn’t actually leak if you hold it upside down.  However, it is really easy to push the spout in and then all the water comes right out.  My son is really good at doing that!   I last tried this in 2013 so they may have made some changes to their sippy cup situation!






Pura Kiki with silicone straw also makes a stainless steel water bottle with a silicone straw.  I’ve never used it but it looks interesting!






Another great option is just letting them use a small, durable cup like a mason jar.  I just bought some 4 oz mason jars.  They seriously don’t break ever.  We have dropped them pretty much everywhere and hasn’t even chipped.  At about a year my son was able to hold the mason jar and drink from it (no sippy lid just drinking like a regular cup).  The challenge is now he thinks it’s fun to dump the water out while eat.  My solution to that are these are lids for mason jars from Eco Jarz (not just to be used for kids).  They are stainless lids for mason jars.  I love these!  They don’t fit on the 4oz mason jars though – just the bigger mason jars.  If you want to use a straw you can or you can just use them as they are.  If you are looking for a re-usable straw check out the Glass Dharma glass straw.  If you think using a glass straw is just crazy with a toddler I totally understand that!  It’s made from the same glass that Pyrex uses so it’s pretty strong.  In 4 years we have had one glass straw break.  Another option is 18/10 stainless steel straws.  The last option is that the Lifefactory silicone straws fit perfectly too!  If you don’t want a straw you can use this Eco Jarz snap lids that are stainless with a silicone snap.



What I like best and use most often:

Between the two I purchased, I personally like the Lifefactory better.  It doesn’t leak at all and it hasn’t broken (even when dropped from the highchair on our hardwood floors).  I don’t love the plastic lid at all but it doesn’t leak.  Most often, my kids drink out of mason jars and for smoothies we always use our eco jarz lids.  However, there are times when I need a sippy cup and Lifefactory is the one I choose!

I think it’s great that there are several companies out there making sippy cups that aren’t made of plastic.  I was excited to find several options in my quest to find a sippy cup not made of plastic.  Happy sipping to your littles ones!


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